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From this belief arise two fundamental activities of Scientologists in their path to spiritual salvation: the study of truths of life according to the Scriptures of Scientology (training) and the liberation (auditing) from the sufferings or aberrations which prevent the thetan from acting like himself and make him act in an irrational or harmful manner both towards himself and to others. (See What Is Scientology?)

Apart from an enormous volume of technical materials for the ministers of the Church of Scientology, an extensive index of materials and reference books for students of this religion exists. Particularly important and describing the basic truths of Scientology are the following books:

Scientology: The Fundamentals of Thought
Scientology 0-8
Scientology 8-8008
Scientology: A History of Man
Dianetics 55
Scientology: A New Slant on Life
Science of Survival
Dynamics of Life
The Scientology Handbook

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The Concept of Religion

Philosophical and Doctrinal Aspect

The Ritual or Mystical Aspect

The Organizational Aspect

The Final Objective of Scientology

Is Scientology a Religion?

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