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Taking into account that for the Scientologists the person is a spiritual and immortal being, his behaviour in each one of his different lives has great importance, not only for the benefit of his dynamics but in order to be able to reach a complete spiritual betterment. “We are in this world in order to work out our own salvation” is a statement by L. Ron Hubbard from the video Introduction to Scientology.

Scientologists themselves declare that they have experienced a real betterment and spiritual freedom both through study (training) as well as through spiritual counseling (auditing). They describe their “wins” as real liberations of mass, conflicts, ignorance and unwanted attitudes and sentiments. They feel that their abilities have increased, their perceptions bettered and that they have a renewed knowledge of themselves, life and God.

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The Concept of Religion

Philosophical and Doctrinal Aspect

The Ritual or Mystical Aspect

The Organizational Aspect

The Final Objective of Scientology

Is Scientology a Religion?

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