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But due to its tradition, it possesses various and very personal rites which, although reminiscent of the Judeo-Christian tradition, turn out to be completely coherent with the body of beliefs of Scientology. I’m referring to the Naming Ceremony, the Naming and Recognition Ceremony and the Funeral Service. In accordance with the belief in the immortality of the thetan, Scientologists conduct these ceremonies to give a name to the new body of the being which has arrived, to welcome the being to his new body and his new family or to say goodbye to a being who has abandoned his body in order to find a new one and to try to help to orient him in the new situation in which he finds himself.

All of these ceremonies are performed under the auspices of an ordained minister, or by the chaplain of the church, and the members of the community of Scientologists participate actively in them on a regular basis.

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Is Scientology a Religion?

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