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At the next level there are the churches of Scientology. These can prepare and ordain ministers and they minister auditing up to the level of Clear.

Above the latter are the advanced churches. These train the ministers of the highest level and minister pastoral counseling of some of the Operating Thetan levels.

The Church of Scientology Flag Service Organization, in Clearwater, Florida, is the highest of all the advanced organizations. It trains people in the highest ministerial levels and Scientologists go there to ascend to high levels of OT.

A special case is the Church of Scientology based on the Freewinds, a ship operating in the Caribbean islands, which ministers a specific OT level which can not be received in any other church.

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The Concept of Religion

Philosophical and Doctrinal Aspect

The Ritual or Mystical Aspect

The Organizational Aspect

The Final Objective of Scientology

Is Scientology a Religion?

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